Healthy Touch Massage Therapy, LLC

"Offering a healthy alternative to conventional therapies to help our clients live a fuller life."

About Me

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is David B. Blum, LMT, CKTP and I am a graduate of the famed Desert Institute of the Healing Arts.  Additionally, I have over 25 years of physical therapy experience in the treatment of a wide variety of musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders and dysfunctions as well as being a Certified Kinesio Taping Professional. I am experienced in all facets of manual therapy and I teach these techniques as well. I work very closely with other health care providers to facilitate a multifaceted approach to wellness and the maintenance of my clients' health. I look forward to assisting you in any way that I can.

Listen to an interview from Holistic Tucson Online by clicking here. 

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